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Studio and Tuition Policies

Tuition Policies:
You’re responsible for knowing when your balance is due. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, unless paid in advance annually.

Three Ways to Pay: Make payments online via the Customer Portal with a credit card [Visa, MC and Discover] or bank draft. To pay in person, deposit tuition in the black mail box either inside or outside the entrance to the Palm Bay studio. In Indialantic, payment is to be placed in the black tuition box inside the lobby during studio operating hours. To mail your payment, please send to Palm Bay address only, regardless of which studio you attend for classes. Also, please call to notify us and have mail postmarked to arrive by the 5th of the month to avoid the automatic late fee. *Please note student’s full name on checks or on the enclosing envelope for cash payments.

1. MONTHLY CHARGE: Upon registration, your credit card or bank account will be charged the reg. fee + ½ August + full September tuition. For each month thereafter, (beginning October 1st), your credit card or bank account on file will be billed the first of each month for the amount based on our tuition schedule and the classes your child is enrolled in. Any changes to classes after registration must be submitted through the Customer Portal or by calling the studio. Changes to your child's enrollment status (i.e. dropped student, dropped class, etc). must be submitted by the 15th of the month in order to avoid being charged for the following month's tuition. Updates to credit card/bank account information (i.e. expired) must be provided right away to avoid additional charges. If the charge is declined, alternate payment is expected to be made right away and is subject to our late fee policy. Please note that because the amount has already been annualized for the entire season, monthly payment amounts are the same regardless of the number of lessons any given month may have.

2. ANNUAL PAYMENT: Upon registration, your credit card or bank account will be charged the reg. fee + full tuition (prorated August + 9 full months of tuition). There is a 5% discount on the total when choosing this option, no refunds will be issued. Please note: this option is only available in August.

3. MANUAL PAYMENT/Do Not Bill: Your credit card on file will NOT be charged upon registration and tuition payments will NOT be automatically charged to your credit card on file. It is your responsibility to ensure initial payment (reg. fee + prorated August + full September tuition) is received by cash or check within 8 days of registration. Additionally, it is your responsibility to ensure that monthly tuition payment is made by the 1st of each month. $10 late fee will be applied to payments not received by the 5th of each month. Tuition paid more than 30 days after the deadline will incur a $20 fee. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, all future tuition and fees must be paid in cash.

Changes to Payment Method: You do have the option of making changes to your Payment method selection throughout the season, if you choose. Please be aware, however, that any changes MUST be made in writing and be submitted before the 15th of the month in order for changes to be applied for the following month.

Make-Up Classes: No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes. Students are encouraged to consult the schedule and attend make-up classes with similar age and skill level at either studio location. If your child has an illness or injury and cannot attend classes temporarily, payment is still expected to continue to hold your dancer's spot. If you choose to no longer continue, your account will be charged until we receive written notice.

Private Lessons: Fees are to be paid at the time of the lesson. If the student is unable to attend a scheduled private lesson, please contact the instructor at least two hours prior to the lesson to avoid being charged. When contacting your instructor, please contact them directly on their cell phone, do not leave a message on the studio’s main phone. Privates wishing to perform a solo in the recital must be enrolled in ballet.

Online Registration : Payment must be received in full either at the time of registration online at via the Customer Portal "COMING SOON" with a credit card (Visa, MC and Discover) or at the Palm Bay location within 8 days of registering to complete the registration process and to assure a spot in the class(es). All mail is to be sent to the Palm Bay Studio address, regardless of class location. There is also an outside mail box at the Palm Bay location. .

Mailing Address: All mail is to be sent to the Palm Bay Studio address, regardless of class location. Please send all mail to the address below:

Heather's Dance Studio
2528 Palm Bay Rd.
Palm Bay, FL 32905

Summer Session Tuition Policies: Tuition for summer session is due at the time of registration. No refunds will be issued to students who do not complete their registered summer session. If a student will not be completing class, please notify the studio promptly to enable those on the waiting list to participate.

Summer Session Make-Up Classes:: We understand that you might need to miss class due to vacation, so just let us know and we will be happy to schedule your makeup class during the summer session.


Attendance: Regular attendance is expected.

Tardiness: Arrive early, stretch and be prepared when your class begins. Please use rear entrance in Indialantic.

Food/Drinks: No gum or eating in the dance room. Water bottles should remain in lobby during class.

Behavior: Bring your positive attitude, be courteous, and respect your instructor and classmates. At the end of class, a thank you and applause are customary.



Heather's Dance Studio
Palm Bay Studio - 2528 Palm Bay Rd. Palm Bay, FL 32905 (Effective April 1st)
Indialantic Studio - 2330 N. Hwy-A1A Indialantic, FL. 32903
(321) 725-0205